Berkshire Freemasons Support CLIC Sargent Windsor Half Marathon

clic runningThe Windsor Half Marathon will be taking place in Windsor Great Park on Sunday 27th September 2015. CLIC Sargent are the charity partner for this event and will have a team of 400 runners taking part aiming raise £100,000 for CLIC Sargent on the day. Berkshire Freemasons will be covering a CLIC Sargent water-station on the day in the park.

40 people are needed to cover the water station and we are looking for Freemasons, friends, and family to help. The job description is below. Please volunteer now by contacting Anthony Howlett-Bolton or Jim Dance.

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Volunteers in these areas will be stationed around the course at designated water stations. Duties will include:

1)    Ensure that your water station area is clean and tidy. Bottle tops should be placed in rubbish bags as soon as they are removed from the bottles.

2)    Encourage runners to throw empty/unwanted bottles into the rubbish bins provided on the course. These are marked and this will help the post-race clean up.

3)    After the race has finished water station volunteers will be responsible for cleaning up the area around their water stations of empty bottles and bagging all rubbish.

4)    Water station staff should have at least 2 adults on each water station; one placed just before the water station and one after the water station during the race.

5)    All water station staff should be identified as such with yellow bibs.

6)    Volunteers need to remove bottle tops from the bottled water and lay out the bottles on the tables provided for the runners to take. To make things easier for the runners, staff are permitted to hand runners bottles also.

7)    Ensure that runners do not take too much water! There may not be enough for later runners if runners take more than 1 bottle per station. Therefore do not overstock bottles on tables. Keep the flow of bottles onto the table event to allow later runners access to water.