Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment

Berkshire Lodge of Enlightenment

It is our intention to publish all papers and resources used in the Lodge on this page to enable everyone to download and benefit from them.

WM’s Address (Consecration Meeting June 2017)

Explaining the Ceremony of Consecration (September 2017 Meeting – Wokingham)

Explaining the PGMs Installation (March 2018 Meeting – Newbury)

Masonic Quiz with Answers (December 2017 Meeting)

Festive Board Q and As (Total for First Year 2017-18)

Investiture of IPM (Installation Meeting June 2018)

Investiture of Junior Warden (Installation Meeting June 2018)

Meek Humble and Resigned (Address by WM Installation Meeting June 2018)

The Masonic Journey – Unpacking the Metaphor (Paper presented at the meeting on the 18th September 2018 by WBro Ian Clark, SW)