Berkshire Lodge of Gratitude Helps To Keep Air Ambulance Flying

Angus Ross from TVAA
Angus Ross from TVAA receives £1,528 receives £1,528 from BLOG

Berkshire Lodge of Gratitude (BLOG) has had a great year. For many years the lodge has enjoyed its ceremonies but has lacked some social activity – that has changed this year. For the first time in many years the lodge has had a full programme of works, new candidates, a very well attended Burns night and for the first time in recent memory a ladies evening.

Richard Burns, Master of the Lodge, many years ago, was part of the forces first real attempt at aeromedical evacuation. This took place during the first Gulf war. The idea being that the “Golden Hour” (that first hour after a traumatic injury) is so vital to survival and later rehabilitation. The concept takes the A&E department to the casualty, stabilizing them and then rapidly evacuating them to hospital. This has been practiced by other armies for many years and has proved to be a success.



As in many cases the military drives developments in the civilian sector. This is one case and is seen quite often in Berkshire, in the guise of the Air Ambulance which is a vital part of the emergency services, and yet is fully supported by charitable donations.

Consequently Richard’s chosen charity was the Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

There was some doubt about how successful the event would be but Richard had not anticipated the way in which the lodge would respond and on the evening in early July the lodge held their ladies evening at Sonning Golf Club. It was attended by over 80 people and a great evening was had. At this point Richard admits he was wrong to be sceptical (for those that know him this rarely occurs!) and as a result of the success of the evening and the Burns Night on the 21st of November Richard and his wife Lisa presented the Thames Valley Air Ambulance with a cheque for £1,528 which was gratefully received and will be put to good use.

Berkshire Lodge of Gratitude intends to continue its support for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance in the coming year and has a series of Social events planned.