Berkshire Lodges Family Tree – Who Is Your Sister?

Lodge Family TreeDo you know who your sister Lodges are?  At one time all Lodges were aware of their ‘parentage’ and there has been a lot of inter-visiting between those related Lodges.  But in some cases that has fallen by the wayside and that is a real shame as Inter Lodge Visiting is a great thing that increases camaraderie between lodges

family tree 2Some lodges invite the Masters of their sister lodges as honoured guests but others have lost sight of who those lodges are and are neglecting to visit their sister lodges.

To assist not only lodges but individual brethren to identify those related to them and to build on their masonic circle of friends Mike Brown has compiled a fantastic Family Tree of all the Lodges in Berkshire.

Take a few minutes to look at the Family Tree and make a New Year’s resolution to visit you sister early in 2015!




    1. The Family Tree has now been updated to correct this error and the updated version can be viewed on-line or downloaded. If anyone has information that will enable the family tree to grow please post a comment.

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