Berkshire Masonic Charity Appeal Update

CommunityWe are making good progress with the PGM’s 5 Year Initiative to raise £500,000 for the Berkshire Masonic Charity Core Fund and  as at the 6th May 2015 the total raised is £460,929:11. Once again, on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master, please thank your lodges for their ongoing support to this very worthwhile appeal.  Although we have no targets set as yet, over the next year we hope that all lodges to have at least donated a £1,000.

Please see the list below for donations by individual lodges:

Lodge Donations
Etonian Lodge of St. John No.209 £5,000.00
Lodge of Commerce No.215 £1,570.00
Reading Lodge of Union No.414 £8,948:23
Loyal Berkshire Lodge of Hope Lodge   No.574 £4,965.00
Windsor Castle Lodge No.771 £2,600.00
St. John’s Lodge No.795 £470.00
Abbey Lodge No. 945 £1,755.00
Grey Friars Lodge No.1101 £1,628.00
Ellington Lodge No.1566 £5,000.00
Vale of White Horse No.1770 £2,797.00
St Hilda Lodge No.1887 £11,000.00
Wellesley Lodge  No.1899 £1,095.00
Kendrick Lodge No.2043 £3,000.00
Dene Lodge No.2228 £660.00
Downshire Lodge No.2437 £4,450.00
Ascot Lodge No.2460 £2,255.00
Victoria Lodge No.2671 £1,850.00
Aldermaston Lodge No.2760 £8,680.00
Tamesis No.2926 £7,350.00
Berries Lodge No.2928 £5,050.00
Loyd Lindsay Lodge No.3058 £3,900.00
Morland Lodge No.3066 £1,475.00
Heather Lodge No.3131 £3,675.00
Commercial Temperance Lodge No.3144 £2,000.00
Lord Desborough Lodge No.3200 £2,750.00
Martin Lodge No.3202 £2,584.34
Loddon Lodge No.3427 £2,000.00
Reading Old Boys Lodge No.3545 £2,000.00
Berkshire Masters Lodge No.3684 £5,576.00
Theodore White Temperance Lodge No.3795 £5,000.00
Victory Lodge No.3954 £7,688.29
Cookham Manor Lodge No.4191 £3,000.00
Pangbourne Lodge No.4381 £5,700.00
Kennet Lodge No.4414 £2,769.00
Witsters’ Lodge No.4717 £1,151.17
Hungerford Lodge No.4748 £5,200.00
Christopher Wren No.4855 £9,579.00
Aldworth Lodge No.5191 £20,720.14
Prince Arthur of Connaught Lodge No.5261 £3,000.00
Whiteknights Lodge No.5894 £3,000.00
Acorn Lodge No.5985 £1,000.00
Maidenhead Lodge No.5986 £2,135.81
Old Sunning Lodge No.5987 £2,285.00
St Bartholemew No.6307 £2,525.00
Hundred of Bray Lodge No.6326 £2,060.60
St Edmund Lodge No.6451 £5,475.00
Tylehurst Lodge No. 6526 £8,362.00
Windsor Forest Lodge No.6581 £2,000.00
Portcullis Lodge No.6672 £3,200.00
Temple Pillars Lodge No.6740 £5,395.00
Bracknell Lodge No.6792 £1,500.00
Arranwell No.7174 £1,951.25
Charles Nicholl Lodge No.7318 £3,500.00
Padworth Lodge No.7505 £3,100.00
Mitre Lodge No.7732 £4,070.00
Ashley Hill Lodge No.7861 £8,945.83
Enborne Lodge No.7906 £6,200.00
John Roysse Lodge No.7957 £2,317.20
Bullbrook Lodge No.7967 £7,600.00
Old Windsor Lodge No.8060 £5,500.00
Thatcham Lodge No.8121 £3,712.50
Ingham Clark Lodge No.8164, £1,820.00
Engineers Lodge No.8226 £5,110.50
Pillars of Friendship Lodge No.8238 £11,828.35
Stratfield Mortimer Lodge No.8239 £975.00
Sindlesham Lodge No.8293 £3,000.00
Goring Gap Lodge No.8359 £1,270.00
Sons of Kendrick Lodge No.8362 £5,000.00
Vale of Loddon Lodge No.8421 £3,500.48
Acre Lodge No.8422 £2,950.00
Edwin Flavell Lodge No.8503 £4,170.00
Sandhurst Lodge No.8505 £3,560.00
Berkshire St. David’s Lodge No.8549 £2,440.00
St Swithun’s Lodge No.8550 £3,100.00
Ashdown Lodge No.8592 £2,325.00
Alfred the Great Lodge No.8617 £3,000.00
Theale on Holybrook Lodge No.8663 £18,634.60
Bearwood Lodge No.8664 £5,250.00
Wokingham Lodge No.8691 £3,250.00
Sudlington Bridge Lodge No.8762 £5,750.00
Emmbrook Lodge No.8786 £4,250.00
Lodge of Friendship & Care No.8802 £2,500.00
Hennerton Lodge No.8856 £4,341.90
Loddon Bridge Lodge No.8968 £1,020.00
Erlegh Lodge No.9110 £5,652.00
Trevelyan Lodge No.9187 £2,736.25
Berkshire Lodge of Gratitude No.9210 £3,132.19
Priory Lodge No.9268 £3,928.00
Lodge of Peace and Friendship No.9275 £3,045.47
Berkshire Prov G Stewards’ Lodge No.9381 £10,298.26
The Wilder Lodge No.9471, £4,015.00
Khalsa Lodge No.9743 £3,415.62
The Berkshire Country Sports Lodge   No.9810 £5,265.00
Be Prepared Lodge No.9845 £3,625.00
The Thames Valley Motorcycle Lodge No.9885 £215.00
Combined Services Lodge No.9900 £1,215.11
Lodge Totals £402,315.09
Louis Baylis Charitable Trusts £5,000.00
Provincial Grand Lodge £14,467.54
Provincial Grand Chapter £13,314.72
Provincial Grand Mark £127.50
Berkshire Masonic Regalia £3,500.00
Visiting Provinces & Clubs £1,073.76
Maidenhead District Emulation Lodge of   Instruction £985.00
Berkshire Masonic Bowling & Golf £2,600.00
Bequests & Others £17,545.50
All Other Totals £58,614.02
All Totals £460,929.24