Berkshire Masonic Library and Museum On-Line

e_DSC7949The books and artefacts held in The Berkshire Masonic Library and Museum can now be viewed on-line.  This wonderful new On-line Library and Museum service can be previewed now. To find out more about the Library and Museum and to view the Catalogue, follow the links and you can search for items that interest you, view the latest acquisitions, see lists of suggested reading and much more. To obtain full details of the book or artefacts you wish to view please apply to the Roger Coles the Librarian and Curator for a login to the new On-line Library and Museum.

Valerie Scougal explains how the On-Line Library and Museum came about: “On a visit to a Berkshire Masonic Centre Open Day with my partner who is a member of Sindlesham Lodge, I was fascinated by the vast collection of books and the interesting and varied array of artefacts housed in the Library and Museum run by Curator and Librarian, Roger Coles. As a professional librarian myself, I saw the need for this important collection to be brought to a wider audience through the use of on-line library management software.

I have, for many years, trained librarians to use the systems produced by Microlibrarian Systems Limited (MLS), a British Company who, for more than thirty years, have been developing market-leading library systems which are known for their user-friendly, intuitive interfaces. The members of the Library Committee were impressed with the many potential benefits of the system and saw it as an important step in their strategy of raising the profile of the Library and Museum at Sindlesham.

MLS did an excellent job of converting and merging the twelve separate Lotus databases that Roger had been using to record the different types of item in the collection and the result is now available for everyone to use. Roger is working hard upgrading the records with pictures and other details to take full advantage of the features of the new system”.

As Valerie says: “It’s easy to use – why not see for yourself…just follow the links on  The Berkshire Masonic Library and Museum web site”