Celebrating our tercentenary at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2017

Celebrating 300 YearsYou may recall that I wrote to you in April 2016 advising you that the main London event, celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the founding of the first Grand Lodge in the World, will be held at the Royal Albert Hall [RAH] in South Kensington on Tuesday 31st October 2017, followed by dining at Battersea Evolution [BE].

I invited you to submit your name so that we could assess demand for the very limited number of tickets we will be allocated for the event. As anticipated, demand has exceeded supply, so we will need to hold a ballot for the RAH event and a further ballot for dining at BE. The expected cost of the dinner at BE is £135 per head. For those who cannot be accommodated at BE, we have arranged alternative dining at the Kingsway Hotel at reduced cost.

I am minded that new brethren have joined the Province since April last year and the circumstances of some others will have changed. It is important that no eligible Master Mason is inadvertently left out of the ballot. Brethren will need to be Master Masons by 30th October 2017.

Regardless of your previous notification, if you would like to attend and dine, please notify the Provincial Office by 31st January 2017. The ballot will be conducted as soon as practicable thereafter and successful applicants notified. Upon notification of a final dining cost from UGLE, a cheque will be needed to secure confirmation of your place. No money is required at this stage.

All correspondence needs to be directed to the Provincial Grand Secretary who will liaise directly with Grand Lodge. A reserve list will be maintained in the event of additional tickets becoming available. This will not be known until April 2017.

Whilst arrangements are still being finalised, it appears that doors to boxes and the arena will be open from about 2:00pm. Access to the bars and restaurants should be available from 12:30pm. All brethren are to be seated by 3.15pm. The event is scheduled to finish at 5.15.pm. Doors will open at BE from 6.00pm with dinner commencing at 6.45pm. Dinner at the Kingsway Hall will commence at 7.00pm. Both events will finish around 9.30pm.

Dependent upon demand, a coach may be provided, but this will be at additional personal cost.

All brethren will be advised of whether or not they have been successful in securing a place on the main or reserve lists. Further information for successful applicants will follow in due course.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.
Yours sincerely & fraternally,
David Keys
Provincial Grand Secretary