300 Hours Initiative

Berks 300 YearsCelebrating 300 Years

A range of events is being organised to mark the 300th Anniversary of the founding of the United Grand Lodge of England. As part of these celebrations, The RW Provincial Grand Master is to launch a ‘300 Hours’ Initiative at Provincial Grand Lodge in September.

The public’s awareness of the contribution which Freemasonry makes to the community is hugely important to the future well-being of our organisation and therefore we need to develop a position whereby the wider community appreciates the value of Freemasonry and comes to support the organisation. This new initiative is designed to impact directly within local communities. The approach is one based on the gift of time rather than cash and will reinforce the concept of Freemasons providing practical support in addition to the more traditional financial support role that we so often play.

Each lodge will be invited to deliver 300 hours of local community engagement between September 2016 and the end of 2017. It is anticipated that many lodges will already have significant existing arrangements with local charities and institutions on which they can build, either on their own or in partnership with other lodges.

In order to move forward swiftly after the formal announcement, Charity Stewards and Secretaries are being asked to undertake some preparatory work now by reflecting upon any existing arrangements and give consideration to seeking wider opportunities as they arise. It is anticipated that making a positive contribution in areas where we live and work will not only strengthen our relationships with the local community, but also build individual bonds of friendship and mutual respect amongst our brethren.

Anthony Howlett-Bolton will be heading this project on behalf of the Executive, and will be supported by David Biggs acting as the overall lead assisted by a specially appointed committee of co-ordinators for each centre. The co-ordinators will be in contact with Lodges in each Centre shortly to set up a launch meeting ready for September.

“Brethren, I am sure that I can rely on you and your members to give this project your full support and I look forward to hearing of the activities and progress that we are making, so that we can make a real difference in the Berkshire communities that we support”.

Anthony Howlett-Bolton, Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

Contact the lead co-ordinator, David Biggs, for more information
Centre co-ordinators:

  • Phillip Mott – Abingdon
  • Mike Davall – Aldermaston
  • Silverio Ostrowski – Faringdon
  • Neil Wilkinson – Newbury & Hungerford
  • Les Matthews – Pangbourne
  • Clive Hitchen – Sindlesham *
  • Michael Hogg – Sindlesham *
  • Colin Payne – Sindlesham *
  • Lionel Voke – Sindlesham *
  • Colin Gilbey – Wallingford
  • Phil Lawrence – Wantage
  • Colin Benford – Windsor
  • Richard Grayson – Wokingham
  • David Biggs – Berries and Dene Lodges (Cookham)

The 300 Hours Initiative is the perfect opportunity to showcase Freemasonry in the local media.

Freemasons and their Lodges will be doing amazing things and fantastic work in the Community for the 300 hours initiative and we want people to know about it. Please use the following guidelines and form to tell us about your 300 House work:

300 Hours Publicity – Showcasing Freemasonry

300 Hours Story Creation Form v1


  1. I am the Chairman of the Armed Forces Bikers, a military charity set up to provide assistance to Veterans of the Armed Forces and their families who are struggling to adjust to civilian life. We are a Grant giving Charity and are proud to say that 100% of all donated funds goes to helping veterans in need.

    Outside of work, this is my other job, for which I receive no remuneration.

    1. I am also actively engaged in supporting a few local charities on completely voluntary basis, (not even expenses are claimed) and regularly commit to some 10-20 hours of work per week, helping to run its events and community related projects that help deliver benefits the to local community and other organisations, charities, communities and individuals – to those distressed and in need. I also hold/held executive position/s (currently President of one and Trustee Director of another) from time to time, over the last 24 years.
      The Sikh tenets that happen to align well with Freemasonry principles are exercised in selfless service to others.
      More recently, have led several development projects for one of these local charity in Reading.
      Indeed, there are several other Brethren who share these values and service provision to the Reading and surrounding communities.

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