Christmas Presents for Underprivileged and Sick Children

Brandon Jaap 4 with Olaf and PGM of Berks Freemasons Martin Peters PHOTOS: MIKE SWIFT 150069 Berksire Freemasons donate loads of toys to CHildrens Wards at RBHThe Freemasons of Berkshire collected over £4,000 to provide underprivileged and poorly children with Christmas presents.  Smashing the initial target of £2,000.  Reading Family Aid and The Royal Berkshire Hospital have been the recipients of this venture and Toys R Us in Reading provided a 10% discount on the toys purchased!





Family Aid

The first batch of toys for the underprivileged children were provided to Reading Family Aid who through their Christmas project ensure that they will be received by children who would otherwise receive nothing or very little indeed on Christmas Day. Ruth Perkins of Reading Family Aid and her team [pictured right] were overwhelmed with the number and quality of the gifts – 140 in total

The second batch of toys for the hospital were delivered this week by Martin Peters the head of the Berkshire Freemasons [picture above with Brandon Jaap and Olaf]. A number of the gifts will be given to the children who are going to be in hospital on Christmas morning for them to keep –  over 80 toys for varying age and gender – and a PlayStation 4 and an XBOX together with two televisions, extra controllers and games were delivered to the Lion and Dolphin wards for their use where they were greeted by an excited bunch of nurses and carers.

A very successful outcome to a simple project idea conceived by Mark Hepplethwaite of Aldermaston Lodge for each Lodge to donate £20.  The £4,000 raised proving what can be done when all of the 96 Lodges across the Province of Berkshire work together and Mark would personally like to thank everyone for their generosity to this venture.