CLIC Sargent Christmas Bucket Collections – Help Needed

Big Bucket 3On Tuesday 1st December, CLIC Sargent will be collecting at 19 of the largest train stations across the UK thanks to their corporate partner, Network Rail.

CLIC Sargent are delighted that Reading train station has been listed as one of the stations and have asked the Freemasons of Berkshire to help with the collecting.

Network Rail are keen for people to be collecting during the busiest times of the day; morning, lunch and evening rush so have asked if we can all focus and arrange for bucketeers to collect during these hours first. To give you an idea, Network Rail have asked that we arrange for collectors to be at the stations for 6am. We appreciate that this is a tall ask to get volunteers out this early but we are sure that the Freemasons of Berkshire will rise to the challenge!

Network Rail say that we can have a maximum of 6 collectors at any one time and a minimum of 3.   We need 18 volunteers (including friends and family of Masons) who can assist with this important event and continue the strong partnership between Berkshire Freemasons and CLIC Sargent.  Limited free car parking will be made available near the station, especially early in the morning.

 Time is short, please let Jim Dance, Provincial Charity Steward, know as soon as possible by email if you can help.

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