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The Communications Team helps the Province of Berkshire and Lodges to communicate creatively and effectively in a way that engages and informs all members, their families and the general public.  We have a wide range of skills covering all of the primary forms of communication: broadcast, print, social media, web sites, even word of mouth – and we are here to help. Throughout this document  you will find a range of tools designed to help you promote and report on events.

The Provincial Communications Officer is Tim Sherwood:

We work with individuals, specific project groups such as the BMC, 300 Celebration and 300 Hours, and Lodges to tell your story by initiating early publicity or promotional opportunities via any appropriate media opportunity and we don’t just want to talk about charity donations.  Please remember that actions often speak louder than words or cheques and we are interested to know what you are doing in the community that is putting Masonic principles in to practice.   We don’t want pictures of cheques and the traditional grip and grin (grimace!) poses – it’s the story we are interested in. We have produced a couple of handouts to help you that you can download here: How To Create Great Content and Photography Dos and Donts

We can help you to promote your event:  Just download and complete the form. Your might find our How To Promote An Event guide useful too as this sets time lines for the promotion of your event.

Local Media: Freemasons and their Lodges are doing amazing things and fantastic work in the Community and we want people to know about it.  To get your story published in the local media we need you to tell us what is happening.  We can help with the editing and about 200-450 words and a good picture is all that we need to create an interesting article.  These tools have been designed to help you and us to raise the external profile of Freemasonry in Berkshire:




A number of Lodges are creating an online presence with their own web site and many Lodges and individual Masons are already using social media platforms to great advantage, particularly for the recruitment of younger members. Individual Lodge web sites, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages, can not only help you to recruit more members, they can encourage more visitors to your Lodge, promote your social events and help you communicate with your members – including those who do not attend regularly.

If you would like to expand your Lodge entry in the Meeting Places section of the website please download and complete the Lodge Microsite form. This is a great place for you to promote the individual characteristics of your Lodge on the web site.

Whether you are starting from scratch, or already have a web site or social media presence that you want to improve, the Provincial Communications team are here to help you and have prepared these notes to assist you to create an on-line presence that is a credit to your Lodge, the Province and Freemasonry in general:

BerksPGL – Web Site Guidelines Feb 15 – UPDATED



To get you started on Social Media we have prepared these Twitter Basics and a guide to Facebook is in a recent edition of The Link.

We are very happy to share your events, photos, and information on our social media.

The Provincial Social Media Officer is Mark Davis, Email: feel free to email all information you would like shared.

We are also looking to improve the internal communications within the Province through the web sites and social media etc. by pointing you to news and information rather than bombarding you them with lots and lots of information on a daily basis in emails and/or with attachments.  So if you spot interesting stories, articles and links please let us know as they well be of interest to others:




web  You have already found us on the web @ 

facebook You can follow us on Twitter @Berkspgl

facebook and we’re on Facebook

We look forward to hearing from you!

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