Eddie’s Story – Thames Valley Air Ambulance

airambulanceFreemasonry in general can be very proud that our Grand Charity annually supports the regional Air Ambulance services, £4000 being donated in June this year, whilst the Berkshire Freemasons and their families regularly donate through their Lodges as well as community collections.

My name is Eddie and I am 14 years old. On 9th July 2013 I had been riding home from school on my bike with friends, but all I can remember is waking up in hospital many miles away from home a few hours later ….


I had had a horrible accident with a car and the Air Ambulance had been called to ferry me to a specialist unit, as it was thought I had serious head injuries.

The pilot, Ges, was so skilled with his landing because there were no nearby suitable landing spots, and we were next to houses, trees and a railway line.  Ges managed to land the helicopter on a very narrow bridge over the railway line, a short distance from where I had the accident!  It was amazing; [as the picture shows] the rotary blades were so close to the railings.

Once I had been safely looked after by the paramedics Jo Jefferies and Rich Company and Dr Syed Masued and moved to the helicopter, it only took 12 minutes for Ges and the crew to get me to the specialist centre 60 miles away from home!

I was so lucky, my injuries were not as bad as first thought, and I spent a week in hospital, but when I came home and contacted the Air Ambulance crew to thank them, they invited me to meet Ges and Jo at RAF Benson to show them that I was OK, and for them to show me around the helicopter.  Ges and Jo were very kind, and Ges allowed me to sit in his pilot seat!  It was a very interesting day to see how they helped me.