Freemasons Grand Charity

The Freemasons Grand Charity has donated a total of £485,000 to 14 national charities:

£25,000 Autistica This grant is to fund the salary of the Family Liaison & Database Manager on the British Autism Study of Infant Siblings (BASIS). BASIS is a UK-wide network of research scientists studying the emergence of autism in young children who are at risk of developing autism, because they already have a sibling with autism. The charity is based in London.

£25,000 International Spinal Research Trust
 This grant is to fund research into the development of the enzyme chondroitinase for use in clinical trials with spinal cord injury patients. The research is based in Cambridge. £35,000 Keele University This grant is to fund the salary of a PhD student working on the characterisation of rodent and human fibrocyte cultures for cellular transplantation to prevent age-related hearing loss. The Grand Charity has previously funded this project, which is based in Staffordshire.

£25,000 Depaul UK This grant is to fund homelessness prevention. The charity has 42 projects across the UK working with young homeless people. This project operates a family mediation service and early intervention work in schools and is based in London.  £90,000 Tomorrow’s People This grant is to fund Working it Out, a work-related training programme for disadvantaged young people. The charity is based in Sussex.

£30,000 Action on Addiction This grant is to fund the M-PACT service for children and families. This service focuses on the effect of adult addiction on children and uses specially trained counsellors to run programmes to help hard-to-reach families. The charity’s headquarters are in Wiltshire.

£15,000 Addington Fund This grant is to part-fund an affordable housing project with workshops for ex-tenant farmers. The charity aims to enable ex-farming families to remain in the countryside. The project is in Cornwall.

£50,000 Breast Cancer Care This grant is to fund Breast Cancer Care’s services for people with secondary cancer. Services include a helpline and email advice, an online forum, publications and Living with Secondary Cancer support group programmes. The charity’s headquarters are in London.

£25,000 Chailey Heritage Foundation This grant is to part-fund the construction of a life skills centre for young people with complex disabilities. The charity is based in Sussex.

£30,000 Changing Faces Changing Faces helps people whose lives are affected by conditions, marks or scars that alter their appearance. This grant is to fund the salary of a practitioner in the children and young people’s team who will provide one-to-one emotional support to parents as well as work with children, helping them to learn how to respond to curiosity, to handle bullying and to make friends.

£50,000 CLIC Sargent This grant is to fund two part-time specialist Nurses in Cornwall, over two years. There are eighteen principal treatment centres for children’s cancer in England and the closest to Cornwall is in Bristol. Specialist Nurses enable some treatments to be undertaken at home and provide information, continuity of care and, if necessary, palliative care. The project is in Cornwall.

£30,000 Emmaus UK This grant is to fund the salary of the Membership Services Director who oversees the development of new Emmaus Communities and supports existing groups. The charity provides accommodation and employment opportunities for single homeless people. The charity’s headquarters are in Cambridge.

£30,000 Independent Age This grant is to fund the charity’s advice service for older people. Independent Age is a well-established charity for older people that has recently merged with Counsel and Care and the Universal Beneficent Society. The charity’s headquarters are in London.

£25,000 Sense This grant is to fund a Family and Support Worker in North West England. The charity supports deafblind people and this support worker will provide outreach assistance to 40 deafblind children. The project is based in Lancashire.

£485,000 in total

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