Freemasons Help CLIC Sargent Raise £55,000 from Reading Half Marathon

A team of Freemasons and their families were out marshalling the Reading Half Marathon in appalling conditions on Sunday 17th March 2013.  Their efforts have helped CLIC Sargent to raise £41,000 from the race so far and they anticipate that this will rise to a final total of £55,000.

Reading Half Marathon 2013
Reading Half Marathon 2013

Freemasonry supports the community in many ways, not just by making charitable donations.  Freemasons and their families give up their time to marshal the Reading Half Marathon with the express intention of saving CLIC Sarjent money.  Without the help of Berkshire Freemasons CLIC Sargent would have to pay people to carry out this duty over the central section of the course in the centre of Reading which would cost them thousands of pounds.

UPDATE: In their Thank You letter CLIC Sargent have pointed out that Berkshire Freemasons have helped them to raise £312,000 from the Reading Half Marathon since 2009.  Can also be viewed online at

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