Iestyn makes Daisy’s Dream come true

Goring Gap Lodge member celebrates 40th birthday with four-marathon effort to raise money for Daisy’s Dream

Some people have a party, some people get a tattoo, but a Goring Gap Lodge member who is about to turn 40 is running four marathons in each of the home nations to mark the occasion.

Iestyn Llewellyn is running the London marathon on 23rd April, followed by both the Great Welsh marathon and the Edinburgh marathon in May, topped off with the Dublin marathon in October.

Currently Junior Warden of Goring Gap Lodge No. 8359 as well as being a Freemason Iestyn is active in the local community as a Scout leader, junior football coach, member of Wallingford Triathlon Club and British Legion co-ordinator.  Iestyn is also a proud supporter of children’s bereavement charity Daisy’s Dream and he has raised around £10,000 for the charity so far with previous marathons and a fundraising dinner.  He now hopes to raise an additional £2,500 this year.

Make a donation using Virgin Money GivingIestyn said: “A family member went through the experience of bereavement and it made me realise that I wanted to do something for a small, local charity like Daisy’s Dream. I really like their ethos and the more time I spend raising money for them, the more stories I hear of people who they have helped.”

Established in 1996, Daisy’s Dream is a professional support service which responds to the needs of children and families affected by life threatening illness or bereavement. The Berkshire charity was originally set up to meet the needs of children who had been bereaved, but over recent years it has expanded its service to encompass families where there has been a serious illness diagnosis. Daisy’s Dream has been supported by the Berkshire Masonic Charity.

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