In The Chair – A Podcast for Freemasons

In The Chair Masonic PodcastIn The Chair is a Masonic themed podcast that is produced and hosted by a Berkshire Freemason, Robert Bone. The podcast comes out weekly and lasts about 30 to 40 minutes.

The podcast (which is like a downloadable radio show allowing listeners to listen at their convenience on their iPods or computers) launched at the end of August 2015 ahead of Robert’s year of going into The Chair of his mother Lodge, Kennet No. 4414 which meets at Sindlesham, near Reading, in Berkshire.

In The Chair is primarily aimed at Freemasons in the England and the UK, but as it is available on the internet it has a worldwide audience, having been downloaded in over 30 different countries to date. It is also great for those wanting to find out more about Freemasonry before joining.

The interviews also allow the more human aspect of Freemasonry to come across; and for listeners to find out more about the real people and what Freemasonry means to them.

The easiest way to listen is through iTunes (for Apple users), or Stitcher if you have an Android device. Not only can you listen to old episodes, but you can also subscribe so that the latest episodes are downloaded automatically.

You can also see the show-notes for the previous episodes on the website:

Episode 1: Welcome to In The Chair (Introduction)
Episode 2: Interview with book publisher Lewis Masonic
Episode 3: Discussion with Rick Smith, author of Learning Masonic Ritual
Episode 4: Talking to Paul Watson, WM of Kennet Lodge
Episode 5: Differences between Scottish and English Freemasonry
Episode 6: Interview with Craig Weightman, author of A Journey In Stone
Episode 7: My Installation into the Chair of Kennet Lodge

If you have any suggestions or requests please contact Robert directly:

In The Chair is an independent production by Robert Bone. Contents of the podcast, show-notes or external links (including the views of Robert Bone, show guests and comments made on the associated website) are not endorsed by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Berkshire or the United Grand Lodge of England.