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In-The-Chair-Podcast-18In The Chair Masonic Podcast: The Connaught and Provincial Light Blues Clubs

Today’s guest is Daniel O’Connell, he’s a member of Halsey Lodge 1479 in the Province of Hertfordshire. He then went on to join the Connaught Club, and was then involved in setting up the Fleet House Light Blues Club.

Daniel explains his journey into Freemasonry, and how being a member of the Connaught Club has really added to his enjoyment. He also explains what the Connaught Club is (, what the criteria for joining is, and what the benefits of membership are.

We look at the benefits of joining a Light Blues club, and why the membership of these clubs is still useful for a Past Master, as well as new Entered Apprentices, Fellowcrafts or Master Masons.

There are also great benefits to the Province for setting up a Light Blues, and ensuring it is actively promoted and attended. This not only helps with retention, but also for getting members to interact socially and visit each other’s Lodges at different Masonic Centres.

Because these clubs are designed for junior members (in both age and masonic career) many have young families and job commitments that older members don’t, so things like location, day and start time are all taken into account to allow for them.

Of course, with both the Connaught Club and Light Blues members cannot remain members once they no longer fit the membership criteria, either through age or Provincial recognition.

I also ask Dan the “quick questions”:

Why did he become a Mason?
Why did he stay a Mason?
Does Dan have a single memory of Freemasonry?
Any advice for people interested in joining Freemasonry?
Advice for Master Masons

You can also read an excerpt of the email from Roy who was inspired to join Freemasonry following listen to In The Chair podcast:

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Halsey Lodge, 1479 Website
Kennet Lodge, 4414 (My Lodge)

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