Khalsa Claim The Travelling Gavel

Travelling Gavel 24th February 2016

On 24th February 2016, Khalsa Lodge No. 9743, lead by Worshipful Master John Ferguson, accompanied by 7 other members of Khalsa Lodge successfully claimed the Travelling Gavel from the Lord Desborough Lodge at Sindlesham.

Which Lodge will claim it next? Full details of how to claim the Travelling Gavel can be found below.



What Is The Travelling Gavel?

The Travelling Gavel was created to promote inter-Lodge visiting and provide an opportunity to meet new friends, visit different Lodges and Centres and see different rituals. The Travelling Gavel was re-launched in 2015 in a new, more competitive, format.

For full details of the Travelling Gavel and how to claim it click here.

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