Light Blues Club Visit Bristol

The Light Blues are at it again…….

Light Blues Bristol

On Saturday, 9th January 2016 The Light Blues, supported by a few masons who’s aprons are a darker shade of light blue, went back on their travels. This was our first outing after HMS Victory so it was decided to stick with a nautical theme and re visit Bristol.  Robert Thorne Lodge produced a wonderful first degree ceremony which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. At the Festive Board there was an excellent meal with a little bit of banter between the Provinces. There being 57 of us and 40 of them, victory was claimed by Berkshire. A challenge was laid down for Robert Thorne Lodge to come to Royal Berkshire to deliver a 3rd degree ceremony. The gauntlet was picked up and a date set for 2nd April.  A definite must for everyone to attend.

That should lead us nicely into our next major event.  We are having a scrum down next Thursday at 7pm in the Wilder Suite if you would like to join us.  It’s going to be open to everyone so we would like as much support as you can give us.

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