Make Your Lodge Grow – The Next Step

There has been a very significant Improvement in Lodge health and growth over the past year and a series of workshops have been now been put together to share ideas and help Lodges take the next step towards long-term, sustainable growth. These workshops are specifically designed to assist Care Teams but all members are welcome.

The Key Purposes of these workshops are

  1. To provide you with practical ideas and examples of how to grow your Lodge.
  2. To inspire you and give you the confidence that you can grow your Lodge.
  3. To show you that with growth you can have a more balanced and outward looking Lodge.

The Core Outcomes of these evenings are

  1. For you and your members to grow your Lodges.
  2. For you and your members to feel a greater sense of fulfillment from your Freemasonry.

A variety of dates and locations are available. Please choose the one most convenient for you
Tuesday 28th February – Sindlesham – New Thames Room – 7.15pm
Monday 6th March – Newbury – Royal British Legion – 7.30pm
Monday 24th April – Wallingford – Masonic Hall – 7.30pm
Tuesday 9th May – Wantage – Masonic Hall – 7.30pm
Monday 15th May – Sindlesham – Flavell Suite – 7.30pm
Tuesday 23rd May – Windsor – Masonic Hall – 7.30pm

Food may be available to purchase before the workshop at some venues subject to pre-booking. If you would be interested in this option please indicate below and full details will be sent to you.


Please complete the form below, to confirm your booking to the Provincial Grand Secretary:

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