Masonic Charitable Foundation – The New Combined Masonic Charity

Masonic Charitable FoundationIt has been announced that a new charity called the Masonic Charitable Foundation is to be established, bringing together the charitable activities of the four existing central Masonic Charities.



At the Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge on Wednesday, 9th September 2015, the Pro Grand Master, Peter Lowndes said, “The Masonic Charitable Foundation will continue to offer the same support and services to those Freemasons and family members who need help, as well as support for the non-Masonic charitable causes that the Craft wishes to assist.”

The Masonic Charitable Foundation will be one of the largest charities in the country and will rely on the generosity of Freemasonry for its funds.

It is anticipated that the Masonic Charitable Foundation will be registered with the Charity Commission as soon as possible and that it will begin making grants from 1st April 2016. The proposals remain subject to the approval of some existing Charity members.  A shadow board of trustees comprising individuals from the existing Charities is overseeing the creation of the new charity and the transition into a single organisation.

Further announcements about the Masonic Charitable Foundation will be made available over the next few months. Please visit the new web site for the Masonic Charitable Foundation for more information.