Kendrick Lodge No. 2043

Berkshire Masonic Centre,
Mole Road,
RG41 5EA

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Lodge Meetings

21st February, 2019
The Kendrick Lodge No 2043 (Passing)
18th April, 2019
The Kendrick Lodge No 2043
17th October, 2019
The Kendrick Lodge No 2043 (Installation)

Kendrick Lodge was founded in the late nineteenth century. Initially the lodge was due to be named the Albert Victor Lodge, presumably after the Provincial Grand Master, the Duke of Clarence and Second in line for the throne. However, for some unrecorded reason, the Lodge was Consecrated The Kendrick Lodge and consisted of members of Reading Lodge of Union No. 414 (founded in 1833) and Grey Friars Lodge No. 1101(founded in 1866).

The Kendrick family were very prominent in Reading in the sixteenth century; in particular John Kendrick (1573-1624). Both the town and the Kendrick family were very much involved with the ‘cloth trade’ as it was then known. John Kendrick was one of Reading’s greatest benefactors and was responsible for instigating several Charity Trusts to “set the poore on work”. In due time these monies were applied by the Charity Commissioners to establish the Kendrick Boys and Girls Schools. Eventually, in 1915, the Boys School combined with Reading School.

The Consecration took place on Thursday 2nd October 1884 at the old Masonic Hall in Greyfriars Road, Reading, with a total attendance of 51. An anthem “Behold how joyful a thing it is for Brethren to dwell together in Unity” was specially composed for the occasion. Some 40 members enjoyed a banquet at the Great Western Hotel.