Newbury Freemasons in Full Force at Remembrance Day Parade

By Brian Bicknellremembrance_std_bearers-s_2016

Three hundred hours of Service to the Community is taking shape with participation from five out of six Newbury Lodges during Remembrance Weekend.

With the Centre open and manned by Graham Reynolds and Mark Wiltshire, the public were entertained to an Introduction to Freemasonry, with the result of two prospective Initiates.



The six marchers, photographed in Newbury Centre, were (left to right) Ian Wharton (Theale on Holybrook), Jeremy Dickins (Hungerford), Mike Sparvell (Thatcham), Duncan Taylor (Hope) the wreath layer, Carl Dukes (St Bartholomew) and Kenny Saxon RN Weapons Engineer (Hungerford).


remembrance_parade_2016Another Mason ensuring that we were properly placed in the parade line-up was Peter Crimmins of St Bartholomew and Combines Services Lodges, the Parade Marshall. The blue collars of Freemasons are some of the most distinctive in the parade and help towards letting the public know that we are a force for good.


Invitations for Freemasons to take part on Remembrance Day and other Mayoral functions spring from having a Grand Officer, Brian Sylvester of Hope Lodge, as the Town Crier, who also looked after the, “Battle of the Somme Centenary Exhibition”, at the town Hall.


The Town Square was filled with around 1000 people for the Act of Remembrance, followed by the Service of Remembrance in St Nicolas’ Church and then luncheon at the Royal British Legion.

Combined with fine autumn weather and sunshine it was truly a day which brought people together like no other.



Acknowledgement for the wreath laying photograph
Phil Wood, Newbury Weekly News.