Berkshire Masonic Charity Impact 2019-20

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An overview of the impact of the work of the Berkshire Masonic Charity (BMC) in 2019-20

At the end of our financial year (March 2020) it is pleasing to reflect on what has been a busy year. The BMC has been able to support 47 local good causes and cases of need across the Province of Berkshire with total grants in excess of £100,000.

A record figure that we can all be proud of and one only made possible from the income generated from the capital previously so generously donated by the Freemasons of Berkshire.

Please see our annual impact statement and news posts for some examples of where Berkshire Freemasons have been able to make a difference in the local community.

1 thought on “Berkshire Masonic Charity Impact 2019-20”

  1. Dear BMC team,
    This latest poster is great. I have now received permission to replicate it for use on the Membership Outdoor equipment signs. These will replace the previous pop up banners. Each edition, when notified, can be printed in A1 size and used on the promotional stand when we are out and about within the Province. I will be more than happy to update our equipment when available.
    This will also show members of the Public the local impact that we as a group are making.
    Well done team for the great product and modern poster design.

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