When the Hands are On The Square

Remembrance Sunday was a shadow of its former self this year, due to Covid restrictions. With the Parade abandoned, Newbury Freemasons were denied the opportunity of marching in force, as we have done for many years. The modest commemoration ceremony … Read more

Out of the blue – A £1,000 legacy

Out of the blue, The Loyal Berkshire Lodge of Hope No. 574 have recently received a legacy of £1,000 from the Estate of the late Ruth Kathleen Tobias which was a mystery as no one in the lodge could remember … Read more

Padworth Lodge No 7505 – Covid-19 Appeal

Having had our Masonic activities appropriately suspended, one of the members of Padworth Lodge suggested that members could consider donating some of the money that we each would have spent attending meetings, towards a suitable charity. Dining fees, raffle tickets … Read more