When the Hands are On The Square

Remembrance Sunday was a shadow of its former self this year, due to Covid restrictions. With the Parade abandoned, Newbury Freemasons were denied the opportunity of marching in force, as we have done for many years. The modest commemoration ceremony … Read more

Freemasons Remember

Freemasons Hall in London recognises the bravery and sacrifice of Freemasons who have fallen in battle. More that 200 Freemasons have received the VC.

Annual Review 2019-2020

This year we are delighted to produce the first Annual Review for Berkshire Province.  The concept of the Annual Review was introduced by our APGM WBro. Robin Kent, with the intention of providing a platform to give our Members a … Read more

Covid19 – Rule of Six Restrictions

Announcement from the Grand Secretary: 14 September 2020 Brethren and Companions, Following a meeting of the Craft Rulers and the Standing Committee of the Board of GeneralPurposes, and in consultation with the Royal Arch Rulers and the President of the … Read more

Clear Sky Children’s’ Charity

The Masonic Charitable Foundation awarded a grant of £15,000 to Clear Sky Children’s Charity in Little Wittenham so Maurice Dixon, Berkshire Provincial Press Officer and secondary school teacher, paid a visit to find out more about what they do.