David Jarvis Appointed Inspector General for the District of Berkshire

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The Supreme Council 33rd Degree have been pleased to appoint David Jarvis as successor to V Ill Brother Roy Stone (see tribute). He was formally appointed as Inspector General Designate (in charge) on the 18th February 2020 and his Installation as Inspector General for the District of Berkshire will be held at the Sindlesham Masonic Centre later in the year.

On his appointment Ill Brother David Jarvis said:
My first duty, which gave me enormous pleasure, was to reappoint Ill Brother Tony Rees, as the District Recorder. Ill Brother Tony has been an excellent servant and ambassador for the District and I look forward to us working together in the future.

There are nine Chapters in our District of Berkshire meeting at Sindlesham, Newbury, Windsor and Wallingford. For those Brethren who may be considering becoming a Prince Rose Croix candidate should know that:

  • He will be joining a Christian Order known as ‘The Ancient and Accepted Rite’ which comprises thirty-three degrees.
  • Membership of the Order implies a desire for further advancement in masonic knowledge. It’s degrees will be found to amplify the teachings of Craft Masonry within a Christian context. For this reason, a candidate must profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith and he will be required, prior to any formal consideration of his candidature, to sign a declaration to this effect.
  • The Order acknowledges the authority of UGLE over the three degrees of Craft masonry and accepts them as the equivalents of the corresponding degrees of the Rite.

As a member of a Chapter you will be invited, over a period of years, to progress through several offices in succession (should you so wish) before attaining the Chair, as in other masonic Orders. The learning requirements of these offices are minimal. The ritual of the Chair requires more work but is usually shared so that the demands of the office are reduced, and the pleasure of the year enhanced.

I have every confidence, if you meet the membership criteria, one of our Chapters will give you a very warm welcome. I personally look forward to welcoming you as a Prince Rose Croix member into the District of Berkshire.

Ill Brother David R Jarvis, Inspector General Designate

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