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There have recently been a number of new audio files posted by UGLE and the team at Solomon to help us all expand our Masonic knowledge and learn more about Masonic History.

Most recently added is the audio file about “Why do we have Degrees?” A look at how the practices of operative masons, livery companies and early universities influenced and shaped our Degree structure.

Log in to Solomon to access the files, then go to the “Seek and Learn”, then “Masonic History” section. The sound files will appear directly below the relevant PDF in the form of a play bar.  You will need to log in to reach the content, but anyone can request access if you haven’t already.

The recently shared files cover these topics:

  • N: The origins of our ritual
  • N: Anno Lucis
  • N: The Trowel
  • Why do we have Degrees?
  • So Mote it Be

You can check back regularly for new files and subscribe on Twitter @SolomonUGLE and @UGLE_GrandLodge to find out more.

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