News from across the road – Lord Harris Court

by Neill Rhodes


The Association of Friends presented a NEW bus in January to Lord Harris Court for the Residents to have outings around the County. The cost was £30,000 and the Chairman David Lawrenson said it was a new bus in a new year and also with a new home being built – Just lots of new things. He thanked all the members and supporters of AFLHC especially the Lodges and Chapters in helping to fund the new bus.


With Covid -19 the building work on the new home has been suspended but it is hoped that it will soon back to full steam ahead. Once we have more details of when it will be opened we will let everyone know.

COVID – 19

This has had a terrible effect on all Care Homes and indeed much bad publicity, however the RMBI Care Homes have acted immediately and given huge support to ALL the RMBI homes under their control.

It is not just the AFLHC and its members who salute the Nurses, Carers and all the staff at LHC but also all the Freemasons. Remember when you clap at 8:00

on a Thursday please remember the Care Home Staff.

You may have heard of other Care Homes in financial difficulties and having to possibly close. This will not happen with the RMBI Care Homes, we are here to look after the Residents and that is what we shall do.


Last year we cancelled the Strawberry Fayre because there was a Virus in the Home and in 2020 we will have to cancel it once again for a more dangerous Virus. However, we hope to be OPEN, FINGERS CROSSED for the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday DECEMBER 5th 2020. If any Lodge/Chapter would like to help with a stall please contact Ray Sharp using the form below.

20200613_News from Lord Harris Court

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