Covid19 – Rule of Six Restrictions

Announcement from the Grand Secretary: 14 September 2020 Brethren and Companions, Following a meeting of the Craft Rulers and the Standing Committee of the Board of GeneralPurposes, and in consultation with the Royal Arch Rulers and the President of the … Read more

Listen to Solomon’s Nuggets

There have recently been a number of new audio files posted by UGLE and the team at Solomon to help us all expand our Masonic knowledge and learn more about Masonic History. Most recently added is the audio file about … Read more

Solomon celebrates it’s first birthday

On the 12th December 2018 Solomon went live, and this week marked it’s first anniversary in helping Freemasons across the country in making their daily advancement in Freemasonry. Solomon has a wealth of information to help answer questions you … Read more

Pro Grand Master’s Address – December 2019

At the December meeting of Quarterly Communications of the United Grand Lodge of England, the Pro Grand Master delivered the following address, where he talks about the challenges of maintaining some of our wonderful buildings. Full details of the address … Read more