Things are buzzing at Lord Harris Court!

by Brian Page

To mark World Environment Day on 5th June, the residents of Lord Harris Court the RMBI care home in Sindlesham, have been learning about bees.

Steve Chandler, the gardener at Lord Harris Court gave the residents books that explained the important part bees play, along with other insects, in the pollination of plants thus enabling the completion of the growth cycle by producing fruit and seeds. Surprisingly, there are around 20,000 species of bees worldwide and 200 or so, of these may be found in this country.

The staff of this highly-rated care home are highly committed to protecting our natural environment as well as looking after the wellbeing of the home’s residents. Activities are arranged to stimulate the resident’s minds and curiosity, for World Environment Day there was a fun quiz and a talk. During the talk, Activities Coordinator, Tracey Esteve explained how “bee-bombs” containing hundreds of native wildflower seeds are used to propagate an environment in which these useful insects can thrive.

Gladys Matthews, a resident of Lord Harris Court said:

“I’ve always found bees very interesting, especially the queen bee. My daughter used to keep bees on land owned by a farmer. I remember when I used to visit her at the beehive, she would be dressed up in a bee suit.” Then she gave a piece of advice: “Although you have to be extremely careful, move slowly and not to annoy them!”

Activities Coordinator Tracey Esteve said: 

“Learning is really important for our residents’ mental health and wellbeing, and these activities help to stimulate their curiosity. Also, both residents and staff at Lord Harris Court are really passionate about nature. We are always keen to look after our local wildlife together.”

RMBI Care Co. is part of the Masonic Charitable Foundation – Funded entirely through the generosity of Freemasons, their friends and families, the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) builds better lives by encouraging opportunity, promoting independence and improving wellbeing. For more information, please visit:

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