World Launch of the Berkshire Hart Egg and Pendant

by Neill Rhodes

The Imperial Dinner, held at Sindlesham Court on Saturday 18th September, saw the World Launch of the spectacular Berkshire Hart Egg and Pendant.

The evening commenced at 6:50pm with a Crémant and Canapé Reception. Guests were treated to a display of a number of Fabergé Eggs from the St. Petersburg Collection, such as The Four Seasons, The Rose Garden, The Icon and The Hole in One.

The RW. Provincial Grand Master, Anthony Howlett-Bolton OBE, welcomed everyone, especially special guests Sir Paul and Lady Williams and Michelle and James Worvall.

Sir Paul Williams is the Deputy President and Chairman of the Trustees of the Masonic Charitable Foundation. Michelle Worvall is the Head of Communications at the United Grand Lodge of England.

During the reception, guests were entertained by a classical trio headed by Bro. Matin Laguna.

At 7:30pm, guests were requested to make their way into the Flavell Suite for a 4-course gourmet dinner. The dinner was superbly presented and delivered by Executive Chef Richard Sherwood and his team and by Laura Bessant and her team.

Once the main course was finished, the Chairman of the St. Petersburg Collection, Mr. Philip Birkenstein, presented a short history of The Fabergé family and the story of how Carl Fabergé became the Jeweller to the Tsars of Russia. Philip also explained his friendship and association with Theo Fabergé, grandson of Carl Fabergé, and the creation of the St. Petersburg Collection.

After dinner, the Provincial Grand Master gave a presentation and explained the reason for Imperial Dinner, to officially launch the English hallmarked limited editions of the Berkshire Hart Egg and Berkshire Hart Pendant.

Under the direction of the Chairman of the St Petersburg Collection, the Berkshire Hart Egg is based on the Bristol blue crystal Creation by Theo Fabergé ‘The Egg of the Covenant’. The Provincial Grand Master showed the two reveals of the Berkshire Hart Egg explaining the intrinsic connection between Craft, Royal Arch and Mark Masonry.

The Berkshire Hart Pendant has been conceived from the ‘Dragon’s Passion’, which was Theo Fabergé’s first fantasy collection of Passion Pendants, launched in 1991.

After the Provincial Grand Master completed his presentation, he invited guests to view the Berkshire Hart Egg and Pendant in close detail. Philip Birkenstein was on hand to give further explanations of both items.

There are 33 eggs, representing the 33 Degrees of The Antient and Accepted Rite, and 100 pendants available to purchase. They are unique and available to Berkshire Brethren until December 2021, after that date they will be made available to the rest of the world. There is a Berkshire Hart Egg on display in the Library & Museum of Berkshire Freemasonry at Sindlesham Court.

The evening having been a great success closed at 11:00pm.

To enquire about purchase, please email Gerry Preston, Provincial Grand Charity Steward:

More images of the evening

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