Robin Kent talks Freemasonry on Reading Community Radio

Listen to the show below

Robin Kent, Provincial Communications Officer

On Friday the 4th August, Robin Kent, Provincial Communications Officer, was welcomed to the Blast1386 Community Radio station, where he spent an hour on air enjoying an open and frank conversation with Eddie Winship in his “Community Matters” community based Programme.

Blast1386 broadcasts on 1386am within the campus of Reading College, live on and uploaded to the internet so that it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. “Community Matters” is a community based programme presented twice weekly by Eddie Winship.

Eddie Winship, Blast1386 Radio

Over the hour Eddie and Robin discussed the topic of Freemasonry with particular reference to the 300th Anniversary of the United Grand Lodge England, the history of Freemasonry, its relevance today and the contribution that Freemasonry makes to the local community. The interview was interspersed with music that had a variety of Masonic connections.

Listen to the show here:

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