The Berkshire Masters Lodge February Meeting


Brethren of Berkshire Masters’ Lodge, no.3684, were regaled to a unique, interesting and entertaining talk on ‘Harmonious Notes on Masonic Music and Musicians’.  W Bro Mario Rizzardi, Provincial Grand Organist of Staffordshire, delivered a presentation incorporating fact, music and song without repetition, hesitation or deviation and without printed notes or sheet music.  The engaging lecture embraced a wide range of Masonic composers, musicians and Grand Organists including:

Bro Mendelssohn, whose ‘Wedding March’ has long been used as a traditional wedding processional,

Bro Thomas Arne, English composer, who is best known for the patriotic song ‘Rule, Britannia!’ and who also wrote a version of ‘God Save the King’,

Bro Dr William Boyce, organist and Master of the King’s Music, who compositions include ‘Heart of Oak’, the official march of the Royal Navy, and ‘The Shepherd’s Lottery’,

Bro Samual Wesley, the first UGLE Grand Organist,

Bro Sir George Smart, the second UGLE Grand Organist,

Bro Michael Balfe, Irish composer, best-remembered for his opera ‘The Bohemian Girl’,

Bro Johann Christian Bach, youngest of sixteen sons, noted for influencing the concerto style of Mozart,

Bro Franz Joseph Haydn, inspired by the British national anthem, he composed the Imperial Anthem of Austria,

Bro Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most famous and influential of all composers,

Bro Charles Gounod, who wrote the grand opera ‘The Queen of Sheba’,

Bro John Philip Sousa, composed ‘The Liberty Bell’, the tune adopted by Monty Python’s Flying Circus,

Bro Sir Arthur Sullivan, UGLE Grand Organist 1887, of Gilbert and Sullivan partnership.

Berkshire Masters Speaker

The photograph shows, left to right:

WBro Robert Rumbold PAGSwdB, Worshipful Master of Berkshire Masters’ Lodge, No.3684, WBro Mario Rizzardi, Provincial Grand Organist of Staffordshire, RWBro Martin Peters, Provincial Grand Master for Berkshire, WBro Fred Russell, PPrGSuptWks, Senior Deacon of Dorset Masters’ Lodge, No.3366, VWBro Clive Deakin, PGSwdB, Past DPGM, Worshipful Master of Dorset Masters’ Lodge, No.3366,

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