The Future of Freemasonry Report

The Future of Freemasonry Report

The report is the first ever independent study conducted by a non-masonic body and used robust industry standard qualitative research methods.

It dispels many of the commonly held myths and sheds new light on Freemasonry.

It suggests that, contrary to much misleading commentary, Freemasonry demonstrates genuine openness and transparency, and concludes that it is arguably more relevant today than ever before.

Freemasonry acts as a ‘constant’, providing members with a unique combination of friendship, belonging and structure, with many masons saying that they have made lifelong friendships.

Freemasons are the largest charitable givers after the National Lottery and also make major contributions to international disaster relief funds.

A quantitative survey carried out at the same time showed that nearly half (49%) of the respondents wanted to know more about Freemasonry; that 26% of male respondents would consider joining; that of those, over two-thirds (68%) would like to belong to a group where they could make new friends and that over half (58%) would like to do more for the community.

Of those men who would not consider becoming a Mason, the single biggest response (40%) was the misconception that ‘it’s not for people like me’. Freemasonry is actually open to all men regardless of race, religion, political views or social standing.

You can see the original report here.