The Travelling Gavel’s Travels – Who Will Claim It Next

The Travelling Gavel Claimed By Berkshire Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge

20151019_200238(1)A raiding party from Berkshire Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge, headed by their intrepid Leader VW Bro Robert Faulkner, descended upon Tylehurst Lodge on Monday 19th October to secure the Travelling Gavel for a month before handing it on at their next meeting in November . It was evident that a number of members of Stewards Lodge had infiltrated the membership of Tylehurst Lodge as they sat resplendent and knowing in their red aprons. Others, who cannot be revealed, were spotted still in their dark blues aprons and remained in deep cover.


The Travelling Gavel claimed at Stewards Lodge by Sandhurst Lodge:

9381_01133 Brethren attending Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge on Tuesday 24th November witnessed the Worshipful Master , VW Bro Robert Faulkner raise Bro Stephen Peregrine, of the Vale of White Horse Lodge No 1770, in an excellent ceremony. The Provincial Grand Master was also present. The Travelling Gavel was challenged for and claimed by 12 Members of Sandhurst Lodge including the Master and Wardens. Under the restructured Travelling Gavel rules for 2015-16 the successful Lodge being the Lodge with the highest percentage of its membership attending the meeting where the Travelling Gavel is open to be claimed.

Who will claim it next?

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For more information about the Traveling Gavel you can also contact the coordinator Trefor Williams