The Travels of the Travelling Gavel

Gavel1 (Large)W Bro Peter Bell, WM of The Heather Lodge No. 3131 writes:

“Three Brethren from Heather Lodge, 3131, recently collected the Travelling Gavel from The Acre Lodge, 8422, based in Windsor where we had the opportunity to visit a different temple and make new acquaintances. We were warmly received by the Brethren of The Acre Lodge who made us most welcome.

W Bro David Colchester and Bro Colin Webb assisted W Bro Peter in collecting the gavel and flank him in the photo.

Since April 2013 The Travelling Gavel has covered the length and breadth of the Province of Berkshire and it will be returning home on 18th December when its founding Lodge, Ingham Clark, will reclaim it from Lodden Bridge Lodge at Sindlesham.

The Travelling Gavel was created to promote inter-Lodge visiting and provide the opportunity to meet new friends, visit different Lodges and Centres and see different rituals.

The Travelling Gavel is going to be re-launched in January for 2015 in a totally different, more competitive, format. The holding Lodge will place the Travelling Gavel in clear view in the Lodge and the proposed transfer will be an agenda item for that evening. The Summons for the meeting will be sent to all Lodges in Berkshire and the Gavel will be claimed by the visiting Lodge with the most members attending as a percentage of their membership. Full details will be published in the January edition of The Link.

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