Travelling Gavel – New Format

The Berkshire Provincial Travelling Gavel is an initiative that has been introduced into the Berkshire Province following a suggestion from the Ingham Clark Lodge 8164.The travelling gavel is a wooden gavel in a decorative presentation box, that passes between lodges within Berkshire on a regular basis.

IMG_1135Since April 2013 The Travelling Gavel has covered the length and breadth of the Province of Berkshire and on the 18th December 2014 it returned home when its founding Lodge, Ingham Clark, reclaimed it from Lodden Bridge Lodge at Sindlesham (pictured) ready for a relaunch in January 2015

The new competitive Travelling Gavel scheme gives smaller Lodges just as much chance to be able to claim it as the bigger ones: The Gavel will be secured by the Lodge which goes to the meeting with the greatest percentage of their members [as recorded in the current Masonic Year Book].  For example a lodge of 22 members with 5 members at the meeting will win over a lodge of 50 members who have 10 at the meeting.

The rules and regulations can be downloaded here but in summary:

  • The holding Lodge will place the Travelling Gavel in clear view in the Lodge and the proposed transfer will be an agenda item for that evening.
  • The Summons for the meeting will be sent to all Lodges in Berkshire and the Gavel will be claimed by the visiting Lodge with the most members attending as a percentage of their membership.
  • The Lodge number the member enters in the signing-in book that evening is the Lodge that will be counted.
  • The claiming Lodge must then offer the Gavel for transfer within a month of having received it.

To coincide with the re-launch a new procedure was developed for both handing over the Travelling Gavel in the Lodge and explaining both the Gavel and its purpose.

For more information about the Traveling Gavel email Trefor Williams

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  1. How does a lodge register their wish to receive the Travelling Gavel? In this instance I am thinking about Bearwood Lodge.

    Michael Brown

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