VW Bro Colin Hayes, PGSwdB, Past Dep Prov GM

A message from our Provincial Grand Master:


It is with the deepest sorrow that I have to tell you that Colin Hayes died yesterday as a result of a brain haemorrhage. He suffered a massive stroke Tuesday afternoon and never recovered consciousness.

Words feel inadequate at a time like this, but quite simply Colin was one of the kindest, friendliest and most compassionate people any of us are likely to meet and his loss will be felt by us all. He was the epitome of Masonic ideals and we must count ourselves very fortunate to have known him as a friend and as a Freemason. I will forever value the close relationship I had with him and remember with gratitude the pivotal contribution he made to the success and happiness of this Province.

I hope it may be some small comfort for his family to know that they will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Martin Peters
Provincial Grand Master

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