Women’s Aid Project – Phase Two

Tuesday 1st October 2013 to Saturday 30th November 2013womans aid logo

This initiative was launched by Berkshire Freemasons for the benefit of the award winning Berkshire charity,  Women’s Aid, in September 2012. It has been planned as three year project running from October 1st to November 30th each year.

As last year no money is being sought from the membership. What Women’s Aid require is unwanted items in good and clean condition. The items required are ladies clothes, children’s clothes, toys, books, and anything else you may consider might be useful. Most of these items will be used as Christmas presents and whatever is not used for this purpose will be put into stock for potential sale at their shop which raises much needed funds for the charity. Nothing will be wasted.

If members, their families and friends, have items they wish to donate this is what you need to do:

a) If you live near Sindlesham please arrange with David Jarvis: jarvisdave@hotmail.com and make arrangements with him as he has keys for the sea container at Sindlesham in which we will be collecting the goods. The container will be in situation from October 1st until November 30th 2013.

b) If you live nearer Slough please take your goods direct to the Women’s Aid Depot at 69, Buckingham Avenue, Slough. SL1 4PN. They are open Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00am until 5.00pm.

c) If you live near Newbury and the West of the Berkshire please arrange with John Gilbert: contact details – johngilbert114@ yahoo.co.uk and make arrangements with him.

Last year the 30’ container was full to overflowing on 28th November when a furniture van and a selection of four other vans and cars undertook to deliver the clothes, toys, cosmetics and tinned foods to the women’s aid centre in Slough. To say they were pleased with the consignment would be an understatement – indeed, we filled their facility to the top with high quality, clean and interesting items. Woman’s Aid had not appreciated what 3,000 committed members could produce when an appeal of this type touched theirs and their families’ hearts. As well as this very well received delivery of goods, the Berkshire Masonic Charity also delivered a donation of £1,000 which was described as “the icing on the cake” by the charity who wanted us to pass on their warmest thanks for the support and help the Berkshire Freemasons have provided.